Flower Friday: Anemone

“Can we speak in flowers?

It will be easier for me to understand.”


Photo: FreeImages.com/FleurSuijten

I love flowers. Shocker, right?! Starting today, I am going to highlight a different flower every Friday. I am calling this series “Flower Friday.” I will share fun facts about the featured flower including symbolism, flower meaning, season availability, and colors.

Do you have a favorite flower? Do you know if it will be available when you wed? I will be able to help answer these questions and more.


Color(s) – White, Pink, Red, Blue, and Purple

Season(s) – Late Winter to Early Spring

Flower Meaning – Anticipation

Symbolism – Forsaken Love

Anemones are grown in Europe, North America, and Japan. The word Anemone comes from the Greek, and roughly translate to wind flower. They are also called “daughter of the wind.”

According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite’s lover, Adonis, was killed by the gods out of jealousy. Anemones grew out of the tears that Aphrodite cried at Adonis’s grave.

According to the Victorian language of flowers, the anemone signifies fragility.

Legend has it that when an anemone closes its petals, rain is coming.

Don’t ingest an anemone, they are very poisonous.

Anemones are thought to bring good luck and to ward off evil.

The most popular color of anemones to be used in weddings is white with a black center. For wedding inspiration featuring anemones, please check out our Pinterest board.



Fun Flower Facts: Anemone




Philadelphia Wedding Florist: Floral Milk Bath

What comes to mind when you hear “milk bath?” When Kylene of Leave It To Me Photography asks if I want to participate in one of her crazy ideas, I jump at the chance. As most of you know, I just had my first child a few months ago. When Kylene said that she wanted to do a milk bath photo shoot, my first thought went to “I have lots of breastmilk, but why would she want it.” You see, I give my son milk baths. I guess that I have been in a bubble lately. Haha.

Once I talked to her, I realized that she wanted to put a model in a milk bath with flowers. No breastmilk needed. 🙂

I had such a great time stylizing this photo shoot with vintage inspired lavender and white flowers such as garden roses and delphinium. Isn’t this romantic?!

Floral Milk Bath

Photo Credit: Leave It To Me Photography

I absolutely love the vintage feel of this shoot. The lovely lace dress looked so elegant with the soft roses, delphinium and kiwi vines floating in milky water. Kait’s beauty was accentuated by the gorgeous makeup applied by Ruthie’s Eyes.

Floral Milk Bath

Photo Credit: Leave It To Me Photography

Makes me want to take a milk bath too! How about you?

It is always an adventure with Kylene. Can’t wait for our next one!

VENDOR LOVE:  Photography:  Leave It To Me Photography | Floral Design:  Floral Designs by Jessi | Makeup:  Ruthie’s Eyes | Model:  Kait Blair



Philadelphia Wedding Florist: Halloween Masquerade

Happy Halloween! Last year, I participated in an Intrigued Experience Tour workshop at Fresh Designs Flora & Events. I enjoy expanding my knowledge and learning new techniques when it comes to floral design. During this workshop, we created hand-tied spiral bouquets and boutonnieres and how to style a table. Have you ever considered a Halloween masquerade themed wedding?

Halloween Masquerade Wedding Tablescape

Photo: Carly Fuller Photography

This workshop was full of great vendors! Shannon Wellington Weddings and Events designed and styled this gorgeous tablescape. The decadent desserts were created by the talented Clara’s Groovy Deliciousness. Carly Fuller Photography captured all of the stunning photos! I especially love the behind the scenes pictures. Custom stationary including invitations, menus, and place cards created by Paper Rock Scissors. Sue of Fresh Designs Flora & Events provided her fun studio space for the workshop. I loved working with these ladies!

Intrigued Experience - Halloween Masquerade

Photo: Carly Fuller Photography

So, the theme of this styled shoot was a Halloween masquerade wedding. Doesn’t that sound like fun?! I adore all of the small details that Shannon incorporated to bring the table to life from the clocks to the masquerade masks. The smores cupcakes that Samirah made were to die for! I know because I ate too many of them. Everything came together to create the perfect mood for an elegant Halloween event.

Halloween Masquerade Wedding Tablescape Philadelphia

Photo: Carly Fuller Photography

I had so much fun creating this hand-tied spiral bridal bouquet and boutonniere. One of my favorite touches in the wedding bouquet was the white mini pumpkins.

Halloween Masquerade Wedding Bouquet Philadelphia

Photo: Carly Fuller Photography

I loved adding to this styled shoot with a beautiful wedding gown by Blush by Hayley Paige and jewelry by Haute Bride from Jennifer’s Bridal. Now, this is the way to have a holiday themed wedding the right way. What are your thoughts?

Contact Floral Designs by Jessi today to schedule your wedding floral consultation.

VENDOR LOVE | Photography:  Carly Fuller Photography | Floral Design:  Floral Designs by Jessi | Venue:  Fresh Designs Flora & Events | Workshop:  Intrigued Experience Tour | Desserts:  Clara’s Groovy Deliciousness | Tablescape:  Shannon Wellington Weddings & Events | Stationary:  Paper Rock Scissors | Dress:  Blush by Hayley Paige from Jennifer’s Bridal | Jewelry:  Haute Bride | Model:  Sarah Fields

Locally Grown Flowers in the Heart of Chester County

Flower farming. Sounds like a dream job right? Who doesn’t love locally grown flowers? Frolicking in fields of flowers, harvesting armloads of gorgeous blooms, nighttime dreams filled with what will be growing next season. But what’s it really like?

I love working with local flower farmers as much as I can to get the absolute best quality for my brides and events. With the farm-to-table movement, we are lucky in the Pennsylvania and Delaware area to have a good supply of blooms to choose from. So, I asked one of my favorite flower farmers, Mara Tyler of The Farm at Oxford, to give us the nuts and bolts of what she does on her Chester County, PA farm. You might be surprised!

Locally Grown Flowers from The Farm at Oxford - Flower Farmer

Photo: The Farm at Oxford

“I’m a 20-year veteran grower of blooms. Growing up in California where I spent 4/5 of my life, I got used to growing flowers on tiny plots of land, no more than 2,000 square feet of plants. That’s a plot about 100 feet by 20 feet. Seems like a lot, right? But it’s not really, when you consider that here at The Farm at Oxford, I grow in a field about six times that size (and have access to many more acres)! Back in California, I’d often squeeze plants into every available spot I could find and I’d get rid of grass, just in order to keep growing the flowers I loved.

When my husband and I moved to Pennsylvania, we didn’t expect to buy a farm. But we fell in love with our vintage brick house and the large fields. My husband turned to me and said, ‘You have to grow something!’ At the time, I’d been volunteering on a local flower farm in Philly (the talented Love ‘n Fresh Flowers urban farm), so, I said, ‘Yes! Let’s start a flower farm!’ And just like that, I was off and running.

Local Flower Farm - Flower Farmer

Photo: The Farm at Oxford

Just like the local food movement, the local flower movement has been picking up steam the last few years. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many people here love the idea of fresh, locally grown flowers cut from the field.

Did you know that many grocery store or wholesale florist flowers are flown in from other countries? And that by the time they make it into your eager little hands, they’ve been off the plant for almost two weeks? And they’ve usually spent many of those hours out of water and cut dry in boxes as they traveled from country to country, receiver to wholesaler, wholesaler to customer. Is it any wonder that by the time they make it to you, they often last only a few days?

Locally grown flowers are often cut from their host plant and delivered to a designer or customer all in one morning. If you can’t buy local flowers, at least try to find American-Grown flowers that support our national economy versus another country’s. Check out our Why Buy Local article to become fully educated on why local flowers do it better.

As for the difference between gardening for pleasure and doing this for a living, you need to consider many more variables: What does your market want, what can your market afford, how large is your market, when does the market need what you supply? I’ve learned it’s helpful to use schedules and ‘days to bloom’ calendar markings to help figure out when I need to seed or buy trays of plugs, and I make commitments to give my designers flowers for their specific events on certain dates. One thing I have to always remember is that bulbs planted in the Fall can have a range of a few weeks’ time to start blooming—so those flowers might not work for one of my designers if they have a wedding just outside that window.

As a flower farmer, you learn tips, tricks, and cheats to try to maximize your time and skip around Mother Nature as best you can. If I need those tulips earlier, for example, I’ll erect a low caterpillar tunnel in January or February to help warm the space and buy myself a week or two of earlier blooms. Growing in a low tunnel or a small greenhouse enables me to put plants out earlier, even before our last frost date and have flowers blooming past our last frost date—sometimes even into December. Season extension can be very important in areas like ours here in the Pennsylvania and Delaware area, and I’m always calculating how I can eke out a few more weeks here and there.

Field of Locally Grown Flowers

Photo: The Farm at Oxford

A fun part of the business (besides frolicking in the flower fields, but seriously, that rarely happens) is when I get to work with event designers who are thrilled to get their hands on fresh local blooms. Not everyone has embraced the idea of going local—it is tempting to get tulips in November or ranunculus in September for events or to pay less for flowers that were grown cheaply in another country. But there are so many wonderful blooms to be had at almost any time of the year, so I really love my local florists and designers who try to buy local whenever they can. I’m always thrilled to see pictures of bouquets or centerpieces at weddings that feature my flowers—talk about gratifying! To see the end result from that tiny little seed that started in our sunroom so many months ago.

Locally Grown Wedding Flowers

Photo: Leave It To Me Photography

I’m a lover of flowers at heart; to me, there is nothing more amazing than freshly-cut bunch of flowers, they lift people up and bring happiness like nothing else. I’m grateful that we’ve been able to start this farm and begin to realize a dream I never knew I had. Even though we are only in our second year of production, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us as the love of local continues to expand and grow in our community.”

Find out more about The Farm at Oxford at www.thefarmatoxford.com. Check out one of my styled shoots with gorgeous locally grown flowers from The Farm at Oxford:  click here. If you are considering a wedding or party in the Chester County or surrounding area, talk to me about how I can help you use 100% locally grown flowers in your events! Make your wedding a farm-to-table celebration.

About the Author:  Mara Tyler is a local farmer florist with a penchant for growing a wide selection of unique flowers and foliage, many items not typically available in the floral trade. An avid lover of dahlias and roses, her dream flower farm, The Farm at Oxford, is located in southern Chester County. Mara‘s floral background includes design sessions at Longwood Gardens, with Kiana Underwood of Tulipina, and at Floret Flower with Erin Benzakien. She enjoys supplying fresh from the field flowers to local designers and creating seasonally-inspired arrangements for special events. Find out more at www.thefarmatoxford.com.

P.S. Some of the pictures used in this post are from the talented Leave It To Me Photography.

Locally Grown Flowers in Pennsylvania

Photo: The Farm at Oxford

Philadelphia Wedding Florist: Vintage Inspired Styled Shoot

I feel like I have known Kylene Cleaver of Leave It To Me Photography all my life.  We met at a mutual friend’s wedding a few years ago.  She was the photographer, and I was a bridesmaid.  Side note… did you know that I have been a bridesmaid 11 times?!

This photo shoot is the first time that Kylene and I had a chance to work together as wedding professionals.  I have been so lucky to meet and work with such fabulous colleagues, especially Kylene.

Vintage Inspired Floral Headpiece

Photo: Leave It To Me Photography

Well, enough of my sappiness.  I am so happy to share these images from Leave It To Me Photography’s editorial shoot.  Kylene found this gorgeous crushed velvet gown at a vintage store.  How stunning is Molly in this vintage gown?!  She has such a classic look.

Vintage Inspired Floral Headpiece

Photo: Leave It To Me Photography

Kylene asked me to create a floral headpiece that would work with the gown and the gold shoulder chain.  So, I decided to mimic the design of the gold chain for the floral crown.  I adore the blush ranunculus and waxflowers that finish this look.  I had so much fun creating this flower hairpiece.

Have you considered wearing flowers in your hair for your wedding?  There are so many options from a floral crown to a floral barrette or floral comb.  Flower headpieces can add a special touch to your overall bridal look.

Doesn’t this just make you want to squeal with delight?!  I love vintage inspiration, especially for weddings.  What are your thoughts about vintage weddings?  I would love to hear what you think.

Contact Floral Designs by Jessi today to schedule your wedding floral consultation.

VENDOR LOVE |  Photography:  Leave It To Me Photography | Floral Design:  Floral Designs by Jessi | Hair & Make-up:  Jen’s Hair Creations | Model:  Molly Mull

Vintage Inspired Floral Crown

Photo: Leave It To Me Photography


Delaware Floral Designer: Christmas Tree Dress

As a floral designer, I have been dying to create a Christmas tree wedding gown!  This year I have been working with my friends at Jennifer’s Bridal to create beautiful arrangements for their trunk shows.  While I was talking to Amy one day, we discussed displaying the Christmas tree dress on one of their mannequins in their main window.

Now I get to share the gorgeous holiday display with all of you. I loved designing this floral display with locally grown branches from Christmas trees in Pennsylvania.  Let me know what you think.

Christmas Tree Dress (1)I decided to go with a high-low skirt created out of different varieties of pine and fir branches.  The base dress is a stunning short, lace wedding dress by Pronovias.  I think that it created the perfect bodice for this dress form Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Dress (6)To finish off the dress, I wrapped a fun red plaid ribbon around the waist of the mannequin and added a few trailing snowflakes.  Isn’t this a fun idea for your winter wedding?!

If you’re in the Hockessin area or are shopping for your wedding gown, stop by Jennifer’s Bridal and check out this gown and all the other lovely bridal gowns.

The holiday season is the most popular time for engagements.  So, if you are newly engaged, don’t forget about Floral Designs by Jessi for all your wedding flower needs.  Contact me today to schedule your consultation.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

Maryland Wedding Florist: Zhuolun & Weibiao

An elegant barn wedding, who would have thought?!  Zhuolun and Weibiao were the sweetest couple.  The rustic Spring Hill Manor was the perfect backdrop for their Maryland wedding.  Dear Abigail Photography did a great job capturing the beauty of this shabby chic country wedding.

European Inspired Barn Wedding

Photo: Dear Abigail Photography

I love all of the DIY wedding projects that they did with help from their family and friends including a decadent dessert bar.  Don’t those macaroons look delicious?!

When I met with Zhuolun, she told me that she wanted a unique bridal bouquet that no other bride has carried before.  As a floral designer, this was music to my ears!  We decided on a square European inspired bouquet design with purple ombre flowers including tulips, orchids, ranunculus, hydrangea, and hyacinth. For a touch of whimsy, I added trailing greens and flowers from the bottom of the wedding bouquet.

European Inspired Ombré Bouquet

Photo: Dear Abigail Photography

European Inspired Ombré Bouquet

Photo: Floral Designs by Jessi

Most brides only wear one wedding dress, but Zhuolun wore three!  Her first gown for the ceremony was by Pronovias from Jennifer’s Bridal dress shop.  I loved that her reception dresses were shades of purple!

European Inspired Barn Wedding

Photo: Dear Abigail Photography

Congratulations Zhuolun and Weibiao!  I am so happy for the two of you!  I loved being able to create gorgeous and unique wedding flowers for your special day!  I wish you a lifetime of happiness together.

VENDOR LOVE:  Venue:  Spring Hill Manor | Photographer:  Dear Abigail Photography |  Flowers:  Floral Designs by Jessi | Ceremony Dress:  Pronovias from Jennifer’s Bridal